Science for the Road Ahead Webinar Series

Co-hosted with the Rev Dr Ruth Shaver on behalf of the UCC Science and Technology Network, we created an 8-part webinar series on the science behind COVID-19 and its implications for churches returning to some form of in-person worship service.

Community UCC Worship Services

These worship services (beginning during March 2020) were led by Rev Jackson at Community UCC in Reading PA.

Secular Hymns

Our Lenten sermon series this year was called “Secular Hymns Part 2” and was focused on those songs that are not overtly spiritual, but nonetheless carry spiritual significance. We have been using these songs to practice finding the Divine in the ordinary places of our lives. Due to COVID-19, we had to move our services to YouTube, but that just means we had to get more creative!

The Space Between

A 14-part Christian Education series exploring the “space between” the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. Each week, we explored another aspect of the Second Temple period while linking it to a portion of the New Testament through a separate Lectio Divina podcast, Zoom discussion, and Sunday sermon. You can see the full series here.

April 10th 2018 Theology with a Twist in Kutztown PA

Can science and religion coexist? Do they have anything to say to each other? Can we hold the Bible in one hand and Darwin in the other? Yes, but not for the reasons you might expect. This presentation will focus on the power of uncertainty and how the scientific method can help us to rediscover our ancient mystical faith and read the Bible with new eyes.

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