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When you hear the phrase, “religion and science,” do you think of polar opposites, warfare, and sworn enemies? Most people do, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We see people finding ways to navigate their scientific and religious commitments every day!

This leaves us with a question: How do we hold both in tension without compromising on either?

Our hosts will try to answer that question as we explore the strange and fascinating relationship between science and religion. This relationship is sometimes generative and sometimes destructive, but it always requires a closer look to understand the committed people on either side of the aisle, and often in-between.

We will also be interviewing fellow scientists, clergy, writers, educators, activists, and artists that we have met along the way. The five of us were originally brought together by Sinai and Synapses, an interfaith, interdisciplinary fellowship seeking to elevate the discourse between science and religion.

After our two year fellowship was completed, we wanted more. We had more questions, more topics, more loose threads to pull, more wormholes to explore.

So here we are, standing at the beginning of a new adventure, seeking to have open and honest conversations that pinpoint questions many of us share:

What does it mean for someone to be a religious person? How does that identity inform their relationship to science? Can you believe in God and be a good scientist? Why are scientific topics like evolution, geologic time, and climate change, controversial for some people? Does God enter into time, and if so, whose time? Does archaeology disprove the Bible? Has religion made the world better or worse? Is technology amplifying bias? Where are the indiginous voices? How do you teach science to religious people? How do you teach religion in public schools? Should intelligent design have a seat at the table? Has science made the world better or worse? Is social media destroying society? Can we explain away religious experiences with neuroscience? What does machine ethics have to do with religion? Do we have a right to die?

Oh, and one more question…

Are you in?

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